WinRobots for AVI-Creator 1.5


this WinRobot takes over the task to insert larger quantities of pictures into the AVI Creator. After all pictures are inserted, the WinRobot arranges the production of the AVI.

This WinRobot is a 5-Minuten WinRobot. It was developed from the circumstance that the AVI Creator can take up only few pictures at one time. In order to insert a larger number of pictures automatically into the AVI Creator, you do as follows:

  1. put the WinRobot into the directory with the pictures ,
  2. start the WinRobot.

The WinRobot will independently find out, what to do, and insert the ".bmp"-files into the AVI-Creator. A "mouseless" technology was used to make this WinRobot independent from mousemoves.

All Freeware programs are given without any waranties on whatever. Requires enough RAM to hold all pictures in Memory.





Unattended POV-Ray 3.5/3.6/Mega-POV Installation


This download has been disabled. If you need a scripted Installation for POVRAY, please e-mail me, I can sent you my personal version.

All Freeware programs are given without any waranties on whatever.


WinRobots for Moray Animation-PlugIn

This MiniRobot removes the annoying message of the "Moray animation PlugIn" for POV Ray. The message appears, while local SMP rendering with POV Ray 3.5/SMPOV.

Moray-Message-Closer is included in the actual SMPOV-Distribution


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