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SMPOV Version 4.6 the POV-Ray 3.6 / Mega-POV 1.2 Add-On for SMP and "distributed network rendering".*

SMPOV is an Add-On for POV-Ray 3.6 / Mega-POV 1.2. It is developed by Theo Gottwald. Please direct all questions & comments directly to me. POV-Ray 3.6 is an popular freeware ray tracing program see http://www.povray.org

Please read additional Information about tiling, radiosity and Mech-Sim-rendering in the supplied Readme.txt
New features for version 4 include:
  • New communication protocoll supporting "synchronisation based networks" (WAN Rendering)
  • New Render Agent
  • File-Path-Engine changes.
  • Scripting Interface

SMPOV - Add-On Features:

  • enables SMP (Symetric MultiProcessing) and
  • "distributed network rendering" .
  • program is"multi-threaded"
  • easy to use via "drag'n drop"
  • distribute tiles ...
  • or full pictures for rendering to other PC's
  • can distribute animations in pieces to PC's
  • via MegaPOV's "frame_step"-feature
  • No installation required. Just copy the folder.
  • Current Version is tested under Win Xp, 2000 and '98
    thanks go to Luke Jing Yuan (Malaysia) as well as to Ian Clark and Bob Hughes.
  • SMPOV supports resolutions (tested) to 15000x15000 Pixel and more!
  • officially announced at povray.org .

22.05.06 SMPOV-Update 4.6 Distri 3 now avaiable for download.

Freeware-Download (~3.1 MB - Distri 3 )
The program is given without any waranties on whatever.

Theo Gottwald
IT-Consultant, SMPOV-Author

"Do you like SMPOV?
Your Feedback is welcome!"

Questions about SMPOV?
POVRAY / SMPOV (IT-Berater Support-Forum)


1. Schnellkurs SMPOV-Rendering

2. WinRobots-Utilities für POV-Ray

3. SMPOV / POVRAY Benchmark

4. SMPOV and RenderAgent Internals

POVRAY Goodies and Sites linking SMP(OV)


Feedback from SMP(OV)-Users

    Supports multiple "Rendering Topologies"

    Support for the following "Rendering Topologies":
    a) "Local SMP-Rendering" with multiple local CPU's including Hyperthreading, possible to start multiple Instances of Renderagent or SMPOV/Main on the same machine sharing the same COM-Folder.
    b) "Network distributed Rendering", when SMPOV is on your machine and the RenderAgents are distributed somewhere in the Network.
    c) "Mixed local/distributed Rendering", When on the machine where SMPOV runs, there is also a RenderAgent running, as well as in the Network.
    d) "Cross-Rendering". When you have SMPOV running (& RenderAgent) and your friend has SMPOV running (& RenderAgent) and you two share the SAME COM-Folder and each can use the others as well as his own PC for rendering.
    e) "shared Render-Pool". When you and your friend have SMPOV/Main running and you share the same COM-Folder and therefore the same "Pool of Network Rendering Clients". You may also have local RenderAgents on your SMPOV/Main machines - or not.

    Note: The new Topologies with multiple Instances of "SMPOV/Main" have few limitations and are not yet well tested. You need to start SMPOV with the new COMMANDLINE-Switch "-NoClear" to avoid actually running Renderjobs from your friend beeing deleted by the new "Auto-Cleanup"-Feature.


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